English speaking attorney in Moscow, Russia

legal support in Russian courts - english speaking lawyers in Moscow, Russia

Consulting in getting licences, composition agreements. Introducing in court.

Juridical accomponation of your business and many others.

Professional legal consultations in:

Commitment (contractual) Law;


General tax advisory;

Preliminary assessment of tax consequences of business transactions;

Assistance in determination of tax implications on corporate structuring;

Application of international treaties;

Tax planning for shareholders;

Tax litigation in different types of courts;

Payroll taxes optimization;

Criminal Law;

Economic Law;

Banking  and Insurance Law;

Currency Regulation Law;

Advice on export-import procedures, customs regimes and classification of goods;

Drafting export-import contracts;

Assistance with in-kind contributions to charter capital;

Representation and collaboration with Customs authorities;

Preparation of the necessary documentation for entering Register of Customs Agents;

Consulting and help with export-import of dual-use and military goods, and software items;

Foreign Investment Law;

International Trade Law;

Taxation of non residents income, originating from the Republic of Moldova;

Public/Constitutional Law; Contract drafting;

Legal examination of contracts;

Legal support during negotiating stage;

Consulting on contract implementation;

Structuring of international transactions;

Protection of intellectual property, copyright;

Protection and registration of trademarks;

Customs Regulations;

Immigration Law;

Debt collections;

Trust management;

Free case evaluation by attorney.

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